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W R A T H is a community based guild always looking to enjoy all aspects of the World of Warcraft.  We have a diverse membership that spans the globe, with equally diverse play interests.  Our members strive to remain active in the realms of PvE and PvP while maintaining a strong sense of community and support for new and old players alike.
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Raid Rankings Week Ending 01-19

by Choshîmî, 14 hours ago

Here's our performance rankings for the week ending 01-19:

Damage Done

Zalas 445,537
Demonrob 408,539
Splanta 332,985
Mortifex 325,542
Coryman 325,468
Thongshots 321,280
Froggerr 320,842
Rendalnn 303,218
Vreden 234,333
Yoshimi 200,174
Seeaa 188,468
Peac 174,167
Item Level Performance  
Yoshimi 63%
Mortifex 61%
Zalas 60%
Demonrob 55%
Vreden 51%
Rendalnn 43%
Seeaa 42%
Thongshots 40%
Froggerr 37%
Splanta 35%
Coryman 30%
Peac 20%


This data is compiled from the six bosses we downed.  Not bad for our first night on brand new fights, but we definitely have room for improvement!

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Two Minute Guides

by Choshîmî, 5 days ago

We're venturing into Nighthold tonight!  Everyone make sure you check out each of these videos for the encounters we'll be attempting:






Chronomatic Anomaly:

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